We are biodiversity reserve

In our company when we talk about Biodiversity and that we g  on its maintenance we mean that we are committed to conservation, sustainable use and improvement of Natural Heritage. Organic Farming practices encourage and help it.

We work for the ecosystems, the species that inhabit them and their genetic wealth as they maintain life on Earth; regulate climate, air and water quality. They provide us food, raw materials, energy and other resources that form the basis for our health, well-being and economy. Thanks to ecosystems there is life on the Planet.

One of the projects in which we are involved since 2006 it’s been conservation and maintenance of olive groves of Pajarera varietal that only exists in our region and is in danger of extinction due to its low profitability in agronomic terms although it has great organoleptic richness, both in its use for mills and for table olives.


  • We work to preserve the Natural Heritage that supplies us important and irreplaceable elements.
  • We research on ecosystems and preserve them in our organic olive groves.
  • We act on climate change, reduction of carbon footprint and promotion of responsible consumption habits.
  • We promote economic development compatible with conservation of natural heritage and biodiversity. We promote the ecological transition of the economy.

We work for life on the planet, social welfare and sustainable economic development.