Environmental policy

LUQUE ECOLÓGICO, S.L. wants to express its commitment to Sustainable Development, aware of the direct and indirect impact that its activities and products have on the environment, and establishes the commitment to work respecting and caring for the environment where it carries out its activities. To do this, it pays attention to the design and development of its activities, incorporating environmental criteria for the prevention of pollution at these stages.

Continuous improvement is a commitment for LUQUE ECOLÓGICO, SL, which goes beyond strict compliance with the legislation and other requirements that it has subscribed with reference to its environmental aspects, and which materializes with the implementation of a structured environmental management system. and documented.

To implement this commitment, the management sets the following lines of action:

COMPLY with applicable environmental legislation and other voluntary environmental requirements

INTEGRATE the environmental variable into the organization's processes and products.

TAKE ADVANTAGE of by-products and waste, applying initiatives to generate value, which in the long run will mean less production of waste destined for disposal.

ESTABLISH systems that allow the control of environmental impacts, which occur in our facilities, processes and products.

REDUCE energy consumption and natural resources.

ALIGN our suppliers with our environmental policy.

PROMOTE deeper environmental awareness and awareness among employees and collaborators.

DEVELOP production processes and products with low CO2 emissions.

This Environmental Policy is known and assumed by all the staff of LUQUE ECOLÓGICO, S.L. and it is available to any person or entity that wants to access it.

Castro del Río, January 1st, 2018


Juan Manuel Luque Pinilla

General Manager