Luque Ecológico limited edition

Key points: On October 2009, we decided to obtain a very special organic olive oil from a very special and singular olive variety: PAJARERA. This variety only exist in our production area and its surface is getting lower and lower every year. Then, we’ve decided to preserve it and obtain a Limited Edition with 100 % traceability – SINGLE ORIGIN and its special organoleptic characteristics.


From 2002, traceability concept has been regulated by EU and must be applied for all food products on the market.

Main part of consumers wants to know that food safety is assured on products so organic products and single origin can be much appreciated factors.

Specifics of the Proposal

Single Origin

Alcubilla and LUQUE family want to offer a very special organic olive oil to its clients, that’s why we have harvested and processed separately certain amount of olives:

  • OLIVE GROVE à known from long time ago as “El Ángel”. Located very close to Castro del Río village, this olive grove belongs to the family since more than 3 generations.
  • OLIVE VARIETY à  the name “Pajarera” comes from birds that used to eat this type of olive in preference to others on the fields. It’s due to sweet and flavored taste of oil.
  • OWNER à LUQUE FAMILY is very well known in ORGANIC MARKET SINCE 20 YEARS. Mr. Jose Antonio LUQUE was one of the pioneers of Organic Farming in Spain in late 80’s.
  • MASTER MILLER à Rafael Sánchez, our employee/friend in charge of manufacturing process, counts with a long experience in his job from his father and grand-father. Know-how in this product is required.

Limited edition

As consumer knows, QUALITY is obtained in a proper manner when you are working with a limited amount of items and in a carefully way. Joining this to special organoletic characteristics of “Pajarera” variety oil, as smooth and delicate fruitiness, have bring us to elaborate this “Limited Edition”.

We care all the stages of elaboration from the beginning, harvesting a short amount of olives from a concrete state, called “El Angel”, in the right ripping moment and using traditional methods that are not so aggressive with trees and olives.

This amount of olives have been transported to the mill in just 2 hours and have been milled “just in time” with a very low temperature for maintaining all the polyphenols and aromatic matters.

Once this special oil is obtained, it’s stored it in a separate tank for maintaining its organoleptic characteristics and is bottled it in a limited and numbered edition (marked on back label).


One of our goals as ORGANIC and ENVIRONMETAL FRIENDLY company is to help for maintaining the BIODIVERSITY. That’s why we are working on maintaining local variety, known as “Pajarera”, helping this way to avoid disappearing.

Limited edition organic Luque bottle

Quantity of available LUQUE-Limited Edition will depend on weather conditions and organoleptic characteristics of each year. Please, check availability before ordering.

Explanation of label: