Medina Azahara food bank cooperation (Córdoba)

Medina Azahara food bank cooperation (Córdoba)

In LUQUE ECOLOGICO we are very concerned to those in need and that is why we have cooperated for several years with Medina Azahara-Cordoba Food Bank (Spain).

This non-profit Association brings donated food to several Beneficiary Entities in Cordoba: charity centers that help people in need with food.

Its activity is focused on collecting food, classifying, storing and distributing completely free of charge and equitably among these Beneficiary Entities according to their needs and the number of Assisted Persons (Beneficiaries) for each one. This work is done through volunteers who contribute with their own work in a disinterested and professional way. The Food Bank serves charitable soup kitchens, nursing homes, drug addicts rehabilitation centers, care and assistance for young people, shelter for physically and mentally handicapped, care and assistance for homeless people, care and assistance for children, migrants, to disabled people, foster homes for minors and passers-by, etc.

An absolutely necessary work in today's society.

Congratulations and good luck in your work !!!