Climate summit COP 25 Madrid

Companies are a fundamental agent in the climate fight and some of them are already true pioneers.

At the last Climate Summit (COP25) that took place in December in Santiago de Chile - Madrid where governments from all over the world met to try to mitigate the negative effects of Climate Change and wanted to teach the world the best business initiatives that are committed to sustainability and climate action.

And LUQUE ECOLOGICO, S.L. has been chosen as one of them. We have been recognized as a Business Example of Climate Actions in the category "Climate change mitigation".

Our initiative has been notable for:

• Be the first agri-food product in Spain with a Carbon Footprint and Environmental certified and verified by 3rd party (DNV)

• Contribute to the mitigation of climate change by acting in the "hot" phases of the life cycle,

• Maintenance of biodiversity and ecosystem balance

• Reduction of associated costs,

• Reuse of by-products for obtaining compost and improving soils (pruning residues, olive pomace, leaves, ...)