Live an unique experience around organic olive oil

At LUQUE ECOLOGICO we have preserved and recovered some of the ancient methods for obtaining olive oil that we combine with the most modern technology to offer our visitors a wider vision of production:

1) FIRST COLD PRESSURE SYSTEM: by using hydraulic presses and mats.

2) ACAPULCO METHOD (Partial extraction): old system invented by Marquis of Acapulco and Villanueva at the beginning of 20th century. It consists in collecting the “FLOR DEL ACEITE” (“FLOWER OF OIL”) that is the small amount of olive juice released by itself only through a simple metal mesh before the first cold pressing.

3) COLD EXTRACTION (2 phases): using centrifugation processes, the different phases, oily liquid and solid (pomace

Other activities, both educational and gastronomic, are possible such as oil tastings, guided tastings, training sessions, miller breakfasts, ...

Likewise, in our museum-courtyard a large number of traditional farming tools used by LUQUE family have been recovered and refurbished, becoming a true ethnographic museum.

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