Quality and food safety policy

LUQUE ECOLOGICO’s managers have defined, with the knowledge and collaboration of all the members of the company, its management policy as part of their commitment for quality and safety of their products and respect to the environment.
This way It seeks that their mission and company values are present in the way of working and, as members of the company as the economic agents that are in contact with LUQUE ECOLOGICO, can perceive them and to appreciate as a continuous improvement management, that makes compatible the structure and origin of family company with the commitment with evolution, productivity and adaptation to the changes of the market and the society.

The main points that it has settled down as reflection of this set of ideas and objectives are:


Our work is focused in offering the client a satisfactory product in quality and food safety, applying all legal rules and others that we assume as ours..  As end consumer is the real user of our product, our orientation it is to satisfy his quality expectations and to offer him a safety product and that helps his welfare life (free pesticides products, competitive prices, healthy and balanced, ...) in a process of continuous improvement of the products such as indicates our company target:

"Our goal is to help people the reach organic products, basing us for it on the production of organic extra virgin olive oil (one of the bases of mediterranean diet)."


A part of LUQUE ECOLOGICO’s personality is the long years of tradition and style of commercial performance, linked to their condition of family company. So that team of LUQUE ECOLOGICO is committed with managing of quality and food safety incidences, as well as with ethic in the daily way of working.   
Due to this, and to achieve a better management of information and non conformities, quality and continuous improvement won't see each other as remote of the work but as an inherent concept to all activity that will be present in a continuous way in each task and in the philosophy of work of each department.  
Elaboration of “Code of Business Ethics” as foundation to establish the basic principles to those that should abide the behavior of the company LUQUE ECOLOGICO and of all their employees and directive it is one of the excellent points of the company.


LUQUE ECOLOGICO, S.L. is involved in the Andalusian Community from its origin, respecting the environmental measures rigorously and investing in facilities that minimize the impact of their activity on the environment.
On the other hand, participation in innovative and pioneers projects in connection with the environment is very present in our corporate philosophy.  
A part of our social commitment, very bound to our mission, is to contribute to promote Organic Farming and a culture of healthy feeding, through our own products development, communications, chats to farmers and consumers, etc.


As a goal for good viability of the company and the reach of corporate, social and ethical transparency objectives, internal communication between departments will be facilitated, as well as with the clients, suppliers and end users.  

LUQUE ECOLOGICO, S.L. will communicate to the human team that develops its work in the company, to its suppliers and clients and to the end consumers, the keys of this policy, so that they are clear to all the agents and become stamp of their corporate acting.

Castro del Río (Córdoba, SPAIN), January 1st 2018

D. Juan Manuel Luque
General Manager